We design and develop sustainable concepts that respect the environment.

We Create The Best Tree & Landscaping Services

With 15 years of experience, Our experts have knowledge about the cultivation, care, and management of different types of trees for your garden.

We offer a variety of quality home improvement services. You will find us at competitive prices, with special attention to the details of each of the projects in which we are involved. We hope to build lasting relationships and guarantee your satisfaction!

Our core values ​​are always at the forefront of what we do and what we offer. The values ​​of integrity, precision, diligence, and teamwork are present in our daily efforts. Landscaping in Machado and Tree Service. We pride ourselves on the ethical work and excellence that is continuously delivered.


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    How Do We Do It?

    Tree Removal

    Trees are very important for your landscape. However, some trees might present a safety risk for you and your family. Therefore, it’s necessary to remove any diseased or dying tree that present risk of falling.

    Our experts utilize high technology equipment to complete a prompt and efficient tree removal.

    Tree Services

    At Machado Landscaping and Tree Service, we take good care of your overall tree needs, Whether you require tree removal, tree trimming or bush pruning, we can do it all.

    Our professional arborists utilize modern tools and equipment to ensure precise and responsible tree services. Get in touch with our expert arborists.

    Flower Bed Design

    We can help you design large flower beds that help add color and beauty to your residential or commercial gardens throughout the growing season.

    Our team has the experience and knowledge to know what will best grow on your property and help you make a flower bed plan.

    Lawn Maintenance

    We understand that your property is a great investment and we want our clients to know that we are there to help them meet the needs they may have for that property.

    When it comes to maintaining your lawn and garden in the best possible way, nothing will surpass having professionals on your side with years of experience.

    Installation and Maintenance Sprinkler System

    Living landscapes need water to survive and thrive, and to depend completely on natural rainfall is sometimes not the best method to supply water. With the convenience of spraying water directly where you need to go, and the ability to automate your irrigation program, an underground sprinkler system may be the best watering for your needs.

    Holes for Fertilizer Seeds

    Over the years, naturally, the soil becomes compacted, which makes it harder to have a healthy lawn. Any type of traffic of people, dogs, and/or lawnmowers can make the ground even more compact. This service will release 2 to 3 inches deep to increase the exchange of air, water, and nutrients needed to have a beautiful lawn.

    Retaining Wall

    A well-placed and well-designed retaining wall will retain soil and rocks, protecting your landscape from erosion and runoff. Machado Landscaping and Tree Service.

    Have special experience in the design and installation of retaining walls using a variety of materials, we can create a beautiful and functional retaining wall to suit your style and budget.

    You can definitely count on us doing a remarkable job for you!
    We offer free estimates for your convenience. We are always willing to listen to your needs and perform any task.

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